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Eneco Holdings, Inc. starts selling Japan’s first new energy Eneco Holdings, Inc starts selling Japan’s first new energy plant in the world market.

Eneco Holdings, Inc. (President Yasuhiro Yamamoto, headquartered in Chiyoda ward, Tokyo) has announced they will begin selling light oil generators and gas generating plants based on their original emulsion technology (a technique that mixes oil and water) and gas generation technology (a technique that generates gas from water) on the Asian and European markets. In addition, the company has signed a contract with leading stock securities company to begin preparation for an IPO in Singapore.

Eneco Holdings Inc: Since its founding in 2012, they have made consistent efforts in the research and development of water and light oil blending technology succeeding in the development of a light oil generating device with 50% water content. Orders have already been received from companies in China and Southeast Asia for the manufacturing of emulsion light oil generating devices and manufacturing is underway with shipping scheduled for September this year. In Europe, a contract has been signed with a Spanish firm making it the exclusive European agent and a demo unit will begin shipping to Europe within the year.


Eneco Holdings株式会社(山本泰弘副社长总社∶东京都中央区八重洲),发表了根据独自开发的乳胶技术(油与水混合的技术)和煤气精制技术(由水使之发生煤气的技术)的轻油及煤气生成装置在亚洲及欧洲市场开始销售。

并且,公司决定了在新加坡股票上市的方针,与新加坡的大型证券会社签订了和约。 Eneco Holdings株式会社,2012年成立以来,一直致力于水与轻油的混合技术的研究开发,成功开发上了含水分50%的轻油生成装置。

已经从中国及东南亚企业收到了乳胶轻油生成装置制造的订单,现在制造预定着今年9月出货。 在欧洲与西班牙企业契约全欧总代理由店合约,今年开始面向欧洲的样品机开始出货。

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